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DTF Transfers By Size

DTF Transfers By Size

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Transfer any design onto any product, material, and color with outstanding durability. No minimum order - Same day shipping - Satisfaction guaranteed. If you add multiple items to your cart, they will be printed onto a single sheet. Free shipping on orders over $99

Heat-press Instructions

Heat Press

1. Pressure Setting: Set the heat press to medium to firm pressure.

2. Temperature: For cotton and 50/50 blends, set the temperature to 320-350F°.For synthetic or polyester fabrics, set the temperature to 280-300F°.

3. Press: Press the transfer to fabric for 8 seconds.

4. Peel: Peel your DTF Transfer Sheet while still warm in one motion. (Cold peeling also works!) 

For Enhanced Durability* (Recommended): Cover the image with parchment paper after peeling the film off and press again for 5 seconds. 

Iron On 

1. Temperature: Set the temperature to the highest temperature setting on your iron. (Best around 300F°.)

2. Press: Apply even pressure to all of the design with the iron and press evenly for 15-20 seconds onto the garment. 

3. Peel: Peel your DTF Transfer Sheet while still warm in one motion. (Cold peeling also works!)

Product Information

DTF PAL Direct to Film Transfers

All orders will be printed on a direct to film material using our printers and the best quality inks. We will handle the entire production while carefully using the highest grade materials to ensure that the transfers can be pressed in the smoothest manner.

Our DTF Transfers can be transferred onto all clothing garments without issues, ensuring the best heat transfer method for a variety of needs. 

All images ordered will be combined onto a single sheet for your convenience.

DTF PAL Transfers has a quality guarantee and are safe for washers, ensuring there's no bleeding or cracking.

Design Recommendations

Preferred File Formats: To achieve the best results, we suggest uploading your designs in their original file format. We recommend using PNG, SVG, AI, or PDF files for their superior compatibility and quality retention. We will be able to print ANY image file type, although quality may differ.

Background Requirements: Ensure that your design files have a clear or transparent background. This helps in maintaining the integrity and sharpness of your design during the printing process.

Design Orientation: There is no need to mirror or alter the orientation of your design before uploading. Our advanced printing technology automatically adjusts the orientation to ensure your design is accurately represented in the final print.By following these simple steps, you can expect prints of the highest quality, reflecting your design just as you envisioned.

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